Assessment as, for, and of Learning — April 4, 2018

Assessment as, for, and of Learning

Gottlieb’s “Assessing English Language Learners: Bridges to Educational Equity: Connecting Academic Language Proficiency to Student Achievement” centers on three concepts: Assessment as Learning, Assessment for Learning, and Assessment of Learning. At first glance, these may all seem the same, but they, in fact, have very distinct methods of implementation and intended outcomes. Continue reading

Reliability and Validity — March 27, 2018
English Learner Tool Kit — March 20, 2018

English Learner Tool Kit

The English Learner Tool Kit is a resource available for free created by the U.S. Department of Education. This tool kit helps teachers and administrators ensure compliance with English Learner laws and necessary supports. It consists of 10 chapters from “Identifying All English Learner Students” to addressing special populations and communicating with parents.

Check it out here.

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Assessment Process — March 14, 2018
What does it all mean? — March 7, 2018
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The SIOP Method — February 15, 2018
The CALLA Method —
Integrated Content-Based Method — February 7, 2018

Integrated Content-Based Method

The Integrated Content-Based (ICB) method of teaching ESL is grounded in the cognitive approach to learning and is based on the belief that students perform better when acquisition of language and content happens concurrently. This happens in many ways through carefully organized and well-prepared lessons and instruction. Read on for details on how to effectively implement this method within your classroom. Continue reading

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